Lindsay’s core competencies in content cross both digital and print spaces. She has experience producing executive-level thought leadership and analytical research, as well as technical content for a developer audience. She has led developer-facing content strategy at Stormpath, Okta, and now Split. Her data-driven approach is built around a core pillar of inbound content marketing that is SEO-led and powered by strong social media tactics. She has experience working with developers to produce dev-facing blog posts and guides, and she has written and edited content for digital and print books, landing pages, and media placements in dev-facing outlets like DZone, InfoQ, and

Along with her work in content, Lindsay has been deeply involved in GTM strategy, technical and customer event strategy and management, and product management for community driven developer experience improvements. She’s coached developer advocates on content (written, multimedia, and speaking) best practices, guided them in SEO-driven ideation, and managed a content calendar with 5+ weekly releases and 50+ regular authors. She’s a passionate collaborator and consensus builder who’s rigorous about scoping and goals when driving program tactics.

All of these experiences have given Lindsay a keen eye for how startups should be approaching content strategy. If you’re a startup exec trying to decide when and how to lean into developer advocacy or content marking, a developer looking to start speaking and blogging, or just similarly passionate about content and advocacy you can connect with Lindsay, via this contact form, or on LinkedIn.